Top 10 Best Lead Gen Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Getting your company in front of the correct customers is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to accomplish. Even though many people visit your website daily, there are relatively few returns. 

That is why you must generate leads to engage clients who express interest in your service so you can promote to the right demographic, get your offerings in front of people who need them, and turn them into paying clients.

If you are operating on a blank slate and don’t know where to begin, the first thing to consider is to use all the lead generation software available to help you make the best out of this advantage.

This article will outline 10 of the best lead generations tool every entrepreneur should use and why they are important to every business. So make sure to tune in until the end.

The Importance Of Using Lead Gen Tools

Lead generation tools are marketing solution that assists companies in generating leads online. It is also called lead generation software that aims for the top of the sales funnel, gathering contacts from potential customers so you may market to them.

Some of a company’s prospects will ultimately convert and bring in money for the company as they travel down the funnel. Lead generation software boosts your conversions and, eventually, your revenue by providing you with more leads.

A study conducted by Liana Technologies, entitled “The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Automation” (2017), stated that a greater number of leads (34,9%), better quality leads (37,7%), and an improved customer experience (45,9%) are all regarded as key advantages of marketing automation offered by these lead generation tools.

Additionally, here are some of the major importance your business can benefit from using lead gen tools.

Smart Marketing Strategies

Without understanding your audience, you cannot develop a marketing campaign. You may assess the most effective method of contacting your target audience using analytics, a strong feature of most lead-generation software. You can quickly retain existing clients and draw in a larger audience.

Effectively Manage Time

When it comes to lead generation, automated workflows are frequently the better option. Use the greatest solution available to help sales professionals identify eligible leads more quickly to reduce stress and clear up your dashboard. The procedure of manually sifting the lead lists is time-consuming. 

Instead, adopting a lead-generating platform can speed up the process and save you time by gathering client behavioral data that enables you to eliminate cold leads. This will enable you to plan and strategically approach your marketing campaigns.

More Accurate Consumer Insight

With the aid of lead generation software, marketers can gather vital information from website visitors who become buyers. Even if the visitor decides not to purchase the goods or services, the information collected is useful in determining why the sales funnel was left unfinished.

Your product’s finest and worst characteristics will be highlighted if you have a deeper understanding of why a consumer chose your product or not. With the help of a lead generation tool, you can quickly ascertain the customer’s requirements.

Top 10 Best Lead Generation Tools

With all the available online tools, choosing which would be helpful for your business or which is the best option can be overwhelming. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it now. Here are the top 10 best lead generation tools to start with.


By entering the person’s name and firm, Hunter assists you in finding emails. Additionally, you can search through all emails at a certain company. Up to 25 email searches plus 50 email verifications each month are free to utilize the service. Paid plans begin at $49 a month for 500 searches and 1000 verifications after that.

Hunter is a really well-liked B2B lead generation tool, so you should give it a shot.

  1. Intercom

Another tool with numerous features and applications is Intercom. You may interact with site visitors and gather their information using the on-site communication and chat tool.

Once in the platform, you may examine how they behave on the website or in the app and develop message triggers to aid orientation, support, or retention.

They also provide an integrated knowledge base and help desk to assist current clients. This is yet another fantastic tool when you wish to achieve marketing, sales, and support capabilities under one roof. Pricing for small businesses begins at $74 monthly.

  1. HubSpot

The marketing software from Hubspot is a comprehensive set of tools that enables companies to increase traffic, find new prospects and promote to them via emails and advertisements. Hubspot has a long list of advertising features that make it worthwhile, even on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

Hubspot makes it possible to run profitable marketing campaigns, draw visitors, and turn them into customers. Thanks to some tools, you can monitor their social media accounts and email campaigns and concentrate on lead generation. 

It’s the ideal option for some small businesses. The monthly charge after the free trial would range from $50 to $3200.

  1. LeadFeeder

Even if they never get in touch with you or fill out a form, Leadfeeder can tell you which businesses are visiting your website.

It additionally provides you with the company’s employees’ contact information. You can use this to schedule your outreach to potential prospects in your sales pipeline or to follow up with site visitors who left no inquiry about your product. Paid options are available with a 14-day free trial and start at $79/month.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a widely used email marketing service primarily used by bloggers and small businesses. It has grown into several industries, including eCommerce, enabling business owners to create their online storefronts and utilize them as a hub for multichannel marketing.

In terms of automation and email marketing, MailChimp is a market leader. Users can embed CRM functionality using the most recent MailChimp version. Based on the pricing structures and services offered, website and e-commerce plans are fundamentally different. It gives users access to 7 advertising networks, one-click automation, and the ability to use simple survey templates and make their domains.

  1. Woorise

Woorise is a fully-featured lead generation and branding platform that enables you to build various interactive campaigns to assist you in achieving your objectives from a single platform, including landing pages, surveys, questionnaires, quizzes,  giveaways & challenges, and more.

Among the features are a contemporary landing page and form builder, 40+ field kinds, hundreds of social activities, 100+ dynamic templates, conditional logic, email notifications, support for several languages, and built-in analytics.  

 It interfaces with several well-known advertising channels, enabling you to send fresh leads directly to the tools you regularly work with. Pricing for the Basic tier ranges from $29 per month to $99 or more monthly for the Pro tier.

  1. Mailshake

This is one of most favorites used for email outreach, essentially letting you automate, tailor, and maximize your cold emails.

Of course, this is fantastic for a variety of uses, including the following:

  • Growth in Sales
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Creation
  • Public Affairs
  • Fundraising

Mailshake is also excellent for generating leads. Pricing for Mailshake’s AI email writer begins at $58 monthly per person and $83monthly per user for the Sales Engagement tier. 

  1. OptinMonster

By creating campaigns that are specific to your leads, you have the opportunity to capture visitors’ interest using OptinMonster. Users gain from employing personalized templates to customize their target displays as an email marketing technique.

Users can use creativity to design beautiful popups, spinners, slide-in windows, etc. Beginners may use OptinMonster easily because it is a user-friendly tool.  The entry-level package costs $9 per month.

  1. Paperform

Regarding lead generation forms, questionnaires, and quizzes, Paperform is a digital must.  A comprehensive editor is a no-code approach that replaces cumbersome side menus with a structure more akin to a word document. Just integrate your brand assets directly into Paperform from Adobe’s Cloud library to modify the colors, fonts, and graphics.

Compared to most form builders, Paperform combines aesthetics and strong conditional logic. This is ideal for those wishing to streamline their businesses with intelligent forms. You can use complicated computations, customized success pages, and their in-house analytics to get more in-depth insights. 

The flexible SaaS platform from Paperform enables you to design strong solutions that are entirely adaptable and meet your individual needs. Pricing ranges from $24 for the Basics tier to $159 for the business tier every month.

  1. Overloop

Every functionality you’ll need to manage a multi-channel outbound program is available in Overloop. The browser extension, mail finder, LinkedIn connection import, CSV import, custom post types, and contact management are just a few of their list-building and contact management tools.

Overloop’s outbound capabilities include multi-channel marketing, customized cold emails sent at scale, automation for LinkedIn, templates, variables for customized messages, email thread functionality, and email monitoring. Paid packages begin at $99 per user per month.


Tools for lead generation have a huge potential to accelerate the expansion of your business. If you have the contact information of potential customers, you may stay in touch with them and eventually persuade them to purchase. 

Whatever your concept for generating leads is—sending personalized emails, running a contest, or enhancing the customer experience with chatbots—tools for lead creation can assist you in staying on schedule and in control.

Start with the list of the top 10 best lead generation tools listed above and prepare to experience a peak in your sales in the years to come. 

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