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Here at Duo Leads, we help you get the best tools to generate your leads.
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Inbound lead gen tools ($7/month)

Using inbound lead gen technologies aids in attracting potential customers to your website.

Outbound lead gen tools($27/month):

Help discover potential customers and communicate with them through outbound channels (email, phone, social media, etc.).

On-page lead gen tools ($39.50/month):

Marketing automation platforms that help you generate leads directly from your website (lead capture forms).

CRO tools to increase leads ($25/month):

Tools for conversion rate optimization (CRO) that increase leads improve the proportion of leads that become sales-ready

Marketing management tools ($40/month)

Lead generation efforts can be improved, and targeted leads can be targeted using marketing management systems that track results.

Email marketing tools($15/month):

Tools for email marketing that help you develop nurturing programs to keep leads interested and moving forward in the buying process.