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    Create a foolproof strategy

    We work on suitable lead generation methods according to your specific needs and satisfaction.

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    Optimize Processes

    We optimize your socials and start operating our specialized strategies for acquiring leads.

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    Pilot Testing and Make It Happen

    We will test the processes and strategy combined into one launch and make the magic happen.

How Duo Leads Works

Duo Leads is a  Lead Generation company that helps businesses save time and money by sending pre-qualified leads straight to you after they’ve been preheated. These firms typically collaborate with many other companies and websites to spread the word about your service.

In today’s digital era, all it takes to find a company that claims to have the answer to your problem is to type a few phrases into a search engine. These sites can pop up in our search results, or we might notice an advertisement for them on one of the many social media sites available today.

When we want to learn more, we click through to a website, where we almost always provide personal details like our email address.

This contact form is then sent to a person who verifies this information. The leads are subsequently forwarded to the relevant company to be closed by their sales team.

Lead generation requires a multifaceted approach. It is necessary to cultivate many lead sources, and each channel has its unique strategy.

The digital era has made it more difficult to operate a small firm. Obtaining a constant stream of new leads will be challenging. Many turn to lead-generation businesses for assistance. Duo Leads will make it happen with the right process and tool.


Duo Leads Works For You And Your Business

To provide a wide range of options, Duo Leads collects data from consumers and businesses and then sells it to companies looking to expand their customer base through lead generation. We employ several categories to organize the data to be relevant to the target market, and we even organize leads based on their “warmth” levels.

Typically, a Duo Leads will provide services such as:

Duo Leads Services

When you implement the services from Duo Leads, your top-of-funnel instructional content, such as white papers and ebooks, will be sent to the intended demographic. The early connection with prospects establishes your organization as a trusted advisor and will eventually position our staff for warm conversations.
Get Started

We listen and work together to create a trully unique and unforgettable experience.

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business.
Target Individuals

Target individuals according to their job title, role, and organizational level.


Select businesses by location, staff count, and annual revenue.


Include or exclude firms by their names.


Custom questions further validate your leads.

Have A Thorough And Detailed View Of Every Lead

Each and every Lead Generation has a standard data profile.

This comprises both general information (name, job title) and company information (company name, size) as well as contact information (email, phone, address). Leads provide all the intelligence required for focused lead nurturing and, ultimately, sustained business growth. Moreover, everything supplied by Duo Leads is subject to our stringent data quality standards and validation procedures.

Content Development

The promoted content is typically preceded by a brief email message and an informative landing page in a normal email marketing campaign. Depending on the campaign, a form, and a confirmation/thank you page may also be required. Together, these elements introduce your content as the main attraction. They are referred to as the extra material bundle.

Duo Leads provides custom text and email design services to get your campaign up and to run quickly and painlessly. Using your asset as a reference, our in-house creative team assembles all the extra content needed to get your campaign off the ground.

Data Verification

After a lead interacts with your content, their contact information is checked before they are sent to you for follow-up. Our analysts tried to connect with the company linked to the lead by phone more than once. The goal is verbally to confirm the lead's contact information and company details. It works like verification of employment. If the company can't be reached or the information can only be partially confirmed, the lead moves on to the research stage. Team members looked up the contact online, starting with LinkedIn, and confirmed any information that still needed to be discovered.

Historical Behavior Scoring

Duo Leads employs a patented algorithm to provide numeric scores to your leads based on the type, frequency, and recency of their involvement with similar offers, using data from more than 300 million emails received. HBS allows you to specify the time range, ranging from the last few weeks to many years.

Our unique lead rating options have been refined via years of data collection. We're able to assist you in generating relevant leads.