Cold Calling: Is This Still An Effective Lead Gen Strategy in 2023?

There are effective lead strategy methods, but these methods can evolve because of the demands of the market and businesses. For how many years, there have been a lot of nuances to technology, and what we thought worked before might not be applicable today. If you are not regularly reassessing your lead strategy tactics, you’ll miss the chance to find new prospects. 

Cold calling is a lead-generation strategy that has been useful for many years. It stood the test of time as an effective method for businesses to generate leads and customers. Moreover, cold calling involves reaching out to potential prospects without prior interest in products or services and converting them into paying customers. However, there have been reports that cold calling needs to be updated in the digital marketing platform. In this article, we will review the effectiveness of cold calling as a lead-generation strategy in 2023 and how it can still be helpful for today’s industries. 

Is Cold Calling Still Effective In 2023? 

Yes, although many marketers doubt the value of cold calls, 82% of buyers are receptive to sales representatives’ cold calls, and most prefer to communicate through various channels, including the phone.

It is undeniable that cold calling is one of those sales tactics that seem easy to approach on the surface and pick up a phone and call, but it requires a lot of effort to get better results. Even before, the constant rejection of it can be discouraging; the evolution of communication strategy might make the phone call seem old-fashioned, or if not outright backward. To put this in simpler terms, it is also wrong to say it is dead. We just learned that it can develop initiatives and create sales opportunities. 

Keeping these things in mind, you’ll find that cold calls can be a useful—and even necessary—part of your sales process. Let’s look at the question “Is cold calling dead?” to see what it means for sales.

What Does Cold Calling Mean?

Cold calling means contacting possible customers or clients who have yet to show interest in your product or service before. This typically occurs by phone or email; the goal is to get them interested, discover more about them, and eventually turn them into customers. It is called “cold” because the person called or emailed has never done business with the company before and is surprised by the call or email.

A “cold call” is made to someone you have a business that has never done business with before. Nowadays, it is about calling them on the phone. Even though you are cold, you are unfamiliar with them; this doesn’t mean you won’t know them. 

Your chances of success will be much higher if you have something in common with someone, like a mutual friend, a shared interest, or a close location. (Or at least they can make your email less likely to be marked as trash.) But I’ll say more about that later.

How Effective Is Cold Calling? 

Calling people out of the blue has been a tried-and-true way to get leads for decades. But as digital marketing and social media have become more popular, some have questioned how well it works in the modern world. So the question still stands: does cold calling work?

Even though there isn’t a clear answer, studies have shown that cold calling can still be an excellent way to get leads if done correctly. A Harvard Business Review study found that sellers who made more than 60 cold calls per day closed deals at 7.3%, while those who made less than 30 calls per day only closed sales at a rate of 2.5%. This shows that being persistent and making many calls can pay off when it comes to cold calling.

What Are Cold Calling Best Practices?

Making cold calls can be hard for sellers and sometimes even make them feel bad. But there are best practices that can make cold calling more effective and increase the chances of getting leads. Here are some of the best things to do when making a cold call:

Find Out Who You Want To Reach.

Before making any calls, it’s important to study the target audience to comprehend their needs and pain points. The following will help the salesperson figure out how to approach the possible customer and offer a solution that will work for them.

Make A Clear Statement Of What You Offer

A clear and concise value statement can help the salesperson get the person’s attention and explain the product or service’s benefits.

Use A Script As a Guide And Listen Actively

Even though talking to the person being called casually is essential, a script can help the salesperson cover all the important points and stay on track. Also, asking open-ended questions and listening to the person being called can help the seller determine their needs and make their pitch fit them.


Referrals from friends or clients are a great way to get numbers. Even though it’s slower than other ways, having a common point of contact makes any possible call much more likely to be successful.

You can get numbers from a wide range of people more quickly using a recommendation program, social media, or a newsletter.

Quickly Follow Up

It’s essential to follow up quickly after a cold call and keep talking. This shows that the seller wants to get to know you and gives you a chance to keep getting to know each other.

Examine And Change

Lastly, looking at the results of cold calling and changing how you do it based on what you find is essential. This can be done by looking at call data, trying out different scripts or ways of doing things, and asking the sales team for feedback.

Benefits Of Cold Calling

Businesses can get more leads by calling people they don’t know. Here are a few good things about cold calling:

Direct Touch With People Who Might Buy

When salespeople cold call potential customers, they can talk to them directly and start building a connection from the first conversation.

Feedback Right Away

Cold calling lets you know immediately how well your sales method is working. This can help salespeople change how they work and make it easier for them to get leads.


Compared to marketing methods like advertising or direct mail, cold calling is a cheap way to get new leads.

Reach A Large Number Of People

Businesses can reach many people quickly and easily through cold calling. A salesperson can make a lot of calls in a short amount of time and get a lot of leads as a result.

Getting To Know Each Person

When a salesperson makes a cold call, they can tailor their approach to the wants and problems of the potential customer. This personalized method can make it easier to get the deal done and get people interested.

In Conclusion,

People have different ideas about how successful cold calling will be in getting leads in 2023, but it is clear that it can still be a valuable tool for businesses if done right. With the right strategy, cold calling can give you quick feedback, be a cheap way to reach a large audience, and give you a chance to get to know potential customers. But it’s important to remember that cold calling is just one of many ways to get leads today. 

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