Best Free Lead Gen Tools for Beginners

Best Free Lead Gen Tools for Beginners

Are you trying to expand your company and need effective lead-generation tools?

There is more to lead generation than just attracting eyeballs to your website. It’s also important to get the contact information to communicate with them and convert passing clients into regulars. Additionally, even for experienced marketers, lead creation is a challenging task requiring specialized equipment.

This article will provide our top recommendations for the finest lead-generating tools for beginners to help you master every part of web-based lead creation. Thus, you may select the tools that best suit your business and will soon produce more leads and close more deals.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing, and notably its lead capture tool, may be used for free (and later upgraded) and provides a multitude of lead-generating features that make it simple to capture, store, and nurture leads, such as:

  • Live 
  • Live Chat
  • Popup Forms
  • Chatbot

It integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s free CRM, or you may combine it with your preferred CRM, email tool, or customer data platform.

Utilizing HubSpot Marketing enables you to construct a complete inbound marketing flywheel. You develop content that attracts visitors, acquire contact information using one of several accessible platforms, and then nurture them with follow-up emails.

Eventually, your sales staff will have a complete awareness of the past touchpoints and will be able to close leads based on the whole context of their previous interactions with your company. With services such as free ticketing, you can finally make customers happy.

It is a complete machine for lead creation.


Start using HubSpot for free, or choose one of our various premium levels from $45 to $3,600 a month based on the size of your business.

What we offer:

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a wonderful alternative for businesses seeking a low-cost, all-inclusive lead generation solution because of its free, comprehensive array of tools and the fact that it connects with HubSpot’s CRM.


Woorise is an all-in-one lead capture and marketing tool that enables you to develop pages, forms, polls, quizzes, viral contests & contests, accept payments, and more from a single platform.

Modern landing page and form builder, 40+ field kinds and thousands of social actions, 100+ dynamic templates, predicate logic, real-time email notifications, support for several languages, and built-in analytics are some of the available features.

Thanks to Woorise’s seamless integration with Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Facebook, Web Analytics, Bitly, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and many others, you can easily send your potential clues to the tools you already use more.


The Proof is an Austin, Texas-based SaaS firm in its early stages. Using social proof, personalization, and A/B testing, they develop software that increases your website’s conversion rate.

Have you ever attempted to book a trip on a website such as or Airbnb and get a notification stating, “Three individuals have booked this hotel in the last 24 hours?”

Proof enables you to integrate social proof into your website. Here’s a terrific example of a product utilized by LawnStarter, another outstanding Austin-based startup:


Monthly pricing begins at $79 per month.

What we offer:

Proof offers numerous configuration options for each campaign and interfaces with HubSpot, Webflow, WordPress, and Zapier.


When it comes to digital forms, surveys, and quizzes for gathering leads, Paperform is like a Swiss Army Knife. Paperform doesn’t force you to choose between creating a Harry Potter quiz to increase engagement and creating a popup form to boost newsletter signups.

The effective editor is a code-free replacement for cumbersome side menus, providing a format similar to that of a Microsoft Word page. Paperform lets you import brand materials like logos, colors, and photos from Adobe’s Cloud libraries.

Paperform blends the aesthetic appeal and robust conditional logic of other form builders with their own. This is ideal for streamlining operations using intelligent forms and reducing unnecessary paperwork. The company’s in-house analytics and additional features, such as advanced computations and personalized “success pages,” allow for a wealth of insight. The flexible SaaS platform Paperform will enable you to build highly effective solutions.

The Price

The Essentials tier is $24 per month, while the Agency tier costs $159.

What We Do

Paperform is an excellent alternative for novices and small organizations, combining customization and professional templates with an intuitive interface.


MobileMonkey chatbots facilitate lead capture, qualification, and nurturing via live chat for your site, SMS text message, Messenger for Instagram and Facebook, and other popular messaging channels, all from a single platform.

With OmniChat by MobileMonkey, you can centralize your customer service chat into a single, easy-to-navigate inbox and create chatbots that can be used across several channels.

Here are a few examples of how you may begin utilizing MobileMonkey to generate leads, signups, and opt-ins:

  • Add MobileMonkey’s Free Facebook Lead Generator to your Facebook Page and Posts to gather the names, emails, and phone numbers of people who “like” your posts and follow your business.
  • Engage prospects and clients on your website using proactive live chat.
  • Set up post autoresponders on Facebook and Instagram to collect the contact information of those who comment on your article.
  • Use Facebook or Instagram’s Messenger chatbots to hold a contest or giveaway.
  • Then, conduct retargeting campaigns with Facebook and Instagram Messenger advertisements to convert these leads into sales.

Integrate the opt-ins, sign-ups, and leads generated by your chat messaging platforms to your CRM, including HubSpot, email provider, training & webinar media, and other business tools.

The price:

The Startup tier begins at $119 per month in terms of pricing. For a quote on the Growth tier, please contact us.

What we like:

Mobile Monkey provides a code-free solution and chat box templates that make it easy to start.


If you want to reach out to people by email,  it is recommended that you use Mailshake.

In a nutshell, it facilitates automation, customization, and improvement in cold emailing.

This is useful in a wide variety of contexts:

  • Increasing Revenues in Sales
  • Content marketing
  • Making connections
  • Fundraising Public Relations

It’s also useful for making new business connections. Thousands of campaigns’ worth of data are used by Mails hake’s AI email writer to assist in producing results.


Qualaroo is a website polling tool that can be used to gather user feedback (which can be utilized to enhance any aspect of your product and marketing experience) and leads.

Qualaroo is useful since it can potentially serve both purposes.

A customer feedback tool that can function as a pop-up form is a useful addition to any website.

Qualaroo is a great tool for gathering data on user experience and conversion optimization, even if you don’t intend to utilize it for lead generation.

There is a cost, however.

The Essential plan starts at $80 per month, while the Enterprise plan is priced on a case-by-case basis.

Here are the goods:

Qualaroo simplifies sorting leads into distinct buckets and directing them into certain sales channels based on their survey responses.

Constant Contact

A constant Contact is a great option for MailChimp if you have a large contact list or want more features. Keeping in touch with your leads is a breeze with this top-notch email marketing tool.

The user design of Constant Contact is minimalistic and highly intuitive. Constant Contact can provide high deliverability rates since it is one of the largest email marketing businesses in the world.

You may amaze your leads with clean and professional emails using their drag-and-drop editor and email newsletter templates.

Key Characteristics:

  • Fully compatible with other lead generation systems, allowing you to begin contacting leads immediately
  • Businesses can use marketing automation to boost engagement and conversion rates to send out pre-made email campaigns.
  • Readable reports monitor open email rates in real-time.
  • Easy-to-use tools for managing contacts provide a convenient way to organize, expand, and maintain your email list.


HotJar is an effective platform for customer experience analytics. Studies on improving click-through rates are among the tools I most frequently employ. Among their many features are the following:

  • Analytics for Forms
  • Direct voting at the event
  • Temperature maps
  • Previously Recorded Sessions

There are polls on the site that can also be used as conversion points, much like Qualaroo. You can utilize the opportunity to solicit opinions as a springboard for a second data point collection drive, in this case, an email address.


HotJar’s Business plan begins at $80 per month. However, the Basic goal is to be free forever.

We appreciate that you can collect emails from site visitors through surveys and polls and use them for lead creation.


Sendinblue integrates email marketing services with SMS texts to provide a comprehensive marketing automation platform. They also offer a drag-and-drop editor to customize templates for automated workflows, user segments, and eye-catching communications.

If you’re looking for a central hub for your email marketing needs, go no further than Sendinblue. Sendinblue features everything you need, including automation, segmentation, and mail design tools.

The Facebook ad, landing page, and signup form creators are also included.

Important Characteristics include these:

  • Business-specific dashboard customization
  • Integrated advertising software
  • With interactive heat maps, you can see how much your email recipients engage with your messages.
  • A/B testing to see which of two emails performs better with your audience.

The price

Sendinblue’s free tier includes sending to up to 300 subscribers and an infinite number of contacts. Prices for their paid plans start at $25/month for the Lite plan and go up to $65/month for the Premium plan.

Our email marketing guide will help you get started with email lead creation once you’ve decided on an email marketing tool.


Hunter is an effective program if you need to search through your inbox rapidly. Specify the domain, and it will locate the corresponding email format.

If you get an email from Hunter, you can see a confidence rating that tells you how probable it is that the sender is telling the truth.

Given this, Hunter is undeniably a top contender among email search engines.

Characteristics that stand out:

  • A professional email address is verified in bulk by an email verifier.
  • Add-ons for your web browser and Google Sheets
  • Support for sending cold emails using Gmail

The cost of using Hunter rises in proportion to the number of requests you make. Free for the first 25 searches and 50 confirmations per month. Plans with additional features and support cost between $49 and $399 a month.


If you’re looking for sales leads on professional platforms like LinkedIn, the AeroLeads Google Chrome plugin can assist you.

Creating an AeroLeads account is as simple as entering a name and a firm. This tool will then locate their professional email addresses and other contact information.

So that you can begin working on these leads immediately, AeroLeads will add them to your email marketing lists.

Key Characteristics:

  • An add-on for Chrome streamlines the search process.
  • Transfer information to email marketing platforms or save it as an a.csv file.
  • Emails from verified businesses will also include the sender’s title, firm, website, and LinkedIn URL.

The Price

With AeroLeads, you may get started with a free, capped-off subscription. The Take Off plan includes access to 2000 songs per month for $49 per month. When ready for more advanced features, you can upgrade to the Enterprise plan, which requires a custom quote.


Another well-known and simple-to-operate B2B lead creation tool is Datanyze. Their Chrome extension makes it easy to get in touch with them from within the browser, regardless of your device.

Then you may import them into your customer relationship management system for further processing and follow-up.

Datanyze guarantees your satisfaction or your money back to use it without worry.

Principal Features:

  • Fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Maximize your business-to-business lead generation by focusing on specific sectors.
  • Gather names and emails while you peruse professional networks like LinkedIn.
  • Conversations can get off to a good start with the aid of icebreakers.

Costs: They offer a free trial version of their program to get you started. Afterward, get in touch with their sales department to request a quote.


Intercom is another example of a product with numerous features and applications. With the built-in message and chat tool, you can interact with site visitors and gather data from them.

Once a user is logged into the system, you can use that information to tailor onboarding, support, and retention efforts based on their specific actions within the app or website.

Existing clients can access a support center and a database of answers all in one place.


Monthly plans for small enterprises start at $74.

What we like

You can do all your marketing, sales, and support in one place with this handy application.


Paperform is a digital Swiss Army knife for lead generation forms, surveys, and quizzes. Paperform doesn’t force you to choose between creating a Harry Potter quiz to increase engagement and creating a popup form to boost newsletter signups.

The effective editor is a code-free replacement for cumbersome side menus, providing a format similar to that of a Microsoft Word page. Paperform lets you import brand materials like logos, colors, and photos from Adobe’s Cloud libraries.

Paperform blends the aesthetic appeal and robust conditional logic of other form builders with their own. This is ideal for those who want to streamline their operations using intelligent forms and reduce unnecessary paperwork. The company’s in-house analytics and additional features, such as advanced computations and personalized “success pages,” allow for a wealth of insight. The flexible SaaS platform Paperform will enable you to build highly effective solutions specific to your needs.

The Price

Rates range from $24/month for the Essentials plan to $159/month for the Agency plan.

What can we do

Paper form’s adaptability, professional design templates, and user-friendliness make it an excellent choice for startups and small businesses.

In Conclusion,

When it comes down to it, the greatest SEO tools are the ones that get you where you want to go and give you deep insights into how your website is performing. There is a wide variety of tools to choose from, and each has advantages and disadvantages. It’s also a good idea to evaluate your tools’ effectiveness regularly to ensure they meet your current and future requirements. Lastly, using many tools can provide you with a complete SEO strategy and help you monitor your website’s progress in the optimization department.

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